2011 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams - Velociraptor is SOLD
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#1: 2011 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams - Velociraptor is SOLD Author: VelociraptorLocation: Tucson, AZ PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:56 pm
Dear AZFJ Friends,

I am going to miss you guys. I find myself relocating to an area where offloading is not much of a thing so I reluctantly sold my rig. Check out my build thread and also my Instagram photos:

2011 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams - Price: $36,500
86K miles

Note: I have always had regular maintenance performed by Precision Toyota in Tucson since I bought it at 32K miles. Always used synthetic oil.

Suspension Upgrades: (installed by Demello Offroad)
IVD Stage 7 (billet) suspension (CDC valves)
IVD S2 Secondary Shock System - Stage 2 (CDC Valves)
IVD Rear Hydraulic Air Bumpstop System
IVD Overland Series 3" rear coil springs
IVD Stainless Steel Rear Shock Shin Guards
IVD Neoprene Front Shock covers
Total Chaos Spindle Gussets

360 Performance Kit

Demello Offroad Body Mount Chop
Demello Offroad Custom Steel Offroad Rally Bumper to fit Baja Designs lighting
Demello Offroad 3-Piece Rear Steel Bumper
Demello Offroad Dominator Sliders
Demello Rear Bumper Hitch mount (2in receiver)

Bud-Built 5 piece combo kit for FJ Cruiser - Steel (black)
Boztec Rear Diff skid

Engine Well / Exterior Mods:
PRG Snorkle with Sierra Expeditions Snorkle cover
PRG Pre-Cleaner (catches trail dust in a bowl instead of going into your engine air filter)
Shrockworks aluminum relocation kit for windshield reservoir
ARB Breather Kit customized to FJ Cruiser (rear breathers relocated to engine well)
2nd factory horn added

Big 3 wiring upgrade
Custom Bussmann Relay Box for Lighting controls (Skygear)
Custom Lighting Switch Panels
Hood Prop Switch to enable under hood lighting (Skygear)
Optima Aux Battery to support aux lighting (comes with Optima Smart Battery Charger)
IBS Dual Battery System with Relay Booster Module (Monitors Primary and Aux Battery)
Grape Solar GS-100W Solar Panel (trickle feeds Aux battery and fridge)
SunForce Solar Charge Controller (prevents over charging of Aux battery)
HKB Electronics MK3 Mini blade 7.5A (Electronic fuse) Voltage booster
Powerwerx RIGrunner 4004 USB (power distribution for inside vehicle)
Blue Sea mini switch to isolate aux wiring from factory wiring (under hood)
Blue Sea 12V outlet for Indel B fridge (installed near fridge)
SuperWinch Certus Wireless Remote Kit (wireless remote for winch)

Baja Designs 40 in Stealth LED Bar (1) (mounted on roof rack, with hydraulic actuator from BajaRacks)
Baja Designs XL80 (2) on front bumper
Baja Designs XK80 Racer Edition (2) on front Bumper
Baja Designs OnX 20in LED Bar (1) (Amber Wide Dispersion Lenses) (Fog mounted in Demello front Rally bumper)
Baja Designs OnX 8in LED bars (2) (Clear Wide Dispersion Lenses) Mounted in front bumper wings
Baja Designs Dome Lights (10) (two in each wheel well plus two mounted under hood for auto illumination when hood is raised)
Baja Designs S2 Pro (eight) 3 mounted on left and right sides of rack, 2 mounted on rear of rack (utility lighting for camping)
Baja Designs Squadron Pro (4) 2 mounted in Demello Rear Bumper as backup lights, 2 mounted on rear of rack for Dust Lights

OEM Audio Plus - Reference 500Q FJ Cruiser Sound Solution (installed by OEM Audio Plus)
AM/FM Antenna replacement based on Firestik (custom made by Nestah Edition)

Kenwood TM-D710GA 144/440MHz FM dual band transceiver* from (HAM Radio Outlet) with custom mount
Diamond NR-770HB Dual Band HAM antenna (HRO)
Diamond K9000LRM motorized antenna mount (HRO) - Controlled by custom switch on dash
Midland 75-822 portable CB with a Bandi mount and FireStik antenna from (Walcott Radio)
*Note: there is a custom RT Systems cable connected to the control until so you can use a laptop to program the ham radio settings using RT Systems software(not included) for the Kenwood D-710G. FCC License required to use this radio.

Fridge: Note: the fridge enclosure and fridge slide will accommodate a wider fridge if needed
Indel B Travel Box TB51a
Tembo Tusk fridge slide
Tembo Tusk Buffalo straps
Wood Enclosure mounted to custom rear storage unit

Compressed Air:
ExtremeAire Magnum compressor (custom steel rear frame mount built by Wikid for compressor & tank)
2gal Air Tank
Bussmann circuit breaker under hood
front and rear bumper air jacks
coiled air hose and air gun

Recovery Gear:
SuperWinch Talon 12.5 sr with Wireless Remote
SuperWinch fairlead
Factor 55 Prolink (OD Green) with WARN Shackle
Factor 55 Hitchlink 2.0 (OD Green) with hitch lock
Factor 55 Shorty Strap III
Maxtrax (4) army green (mounted on Fourtreks Matrix mount for BajaRack)
Maxtrax Camo Carry Case (when you need to carry them inside the vehicle to get into your garage LOL)
GZila Designs Quickfist mounts for BajaRack for axe and shovel
Krazy Beaver Murderspork shovel (green)
Voodoo Tactical Axe (green) (with custom made sheath by Cleveland Kydex)
Hi-Lift Extreme Jack (Fourtreks mounts for Baja Rack) (locked to rack with cable lock)
Jumper cable with Anderson quick connect plug for front bumper mounted Anderson quick connect to battery
Bubba Rope Recovery Rope
Bubba Rope Gator Jaw soft shackles
Recovery Straps
Van Beest Shackles
ARB Tire repair kit
Miscellaneous tools & gear

Aux Fuel:
4 Gallon Rotopax Fuel tanks (2)
ChiTown 4x4 Rotopax mount version 2 (Aluminum) + Locking mechanisms for both Rotopax tanks
3in Spidertrax spacer for rear spare tire to allow for Rotopax mount
Manual fuel transfer kit

Custom Rear Storage Unit: (see build pages for details)
Recovery Gear Drawer with 500 lb slides
Housing for Fridge and Fridge slide
Storage area for Snow Peak IGT Three Table and Legs (under drawer and fridge)
Aluminum Tie Down System with Stratchits for Front Runner Wolf Pack
Front Runner Wolf Pack
Springtail Rear Cargo Basket (driver side) currently protects Kenwood HAM Radio base unit plus storage for small miscellaneous items (adjacent to custom rear storage unit)

(5) Level 8 Bully Pro 6 size 16X8.5 6-139.70
(2) 1.25in Spidertrax spacers on front wheels
Note: These offroad wheels have replaceable rim guard rings and two air valves per wheel

(5) Falken WildPeak MT size LT285/75 R16

BajaRack Utility Flat Rack with SpyLight system

Interior Mods:
Ellis Precision Shift Knobs, Brake Handle, custom interior grab handles
RAM Mount for iPad Mini 4 for Navigation (iPad not included)

Exterior Front Grill Mods:
FJ Summit 9 and FJ Summit X grill badges
FJ HAM Radio Operator badge

I may have forgotten about a few mods but I tried to capture the all ones I could remember. Happy Trails!

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#2: Re: 2011 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams - Velociraptor For Sale Author: BucketBoyLocation: North Phoenix/Flagstaff PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:10 pm
Sad to see you leaving Ken. I’d be a serious buyer if I didn’t have 2 already. Stay around on the forums.

#3: Re: 2011 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams - Velociraptor For Sale Author: mod_muscle PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:29 am
Bummed that you are leaving Ken. I wish you all the best!

Whoever buys your FJ is getting one heck of an FJ! I wish I could buy it!

#4: Re: 2011 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams - Velociraptor For Sale Author: SpoilerFJ84Location: Tucson PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:53 am
Good times Ken, sorry to see you go. I hope the 'Raptor finds a good home.

#5: Re: 2011 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams - Velociraptor For Sale Author: JimbolioLocation: Tucson PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:01 pm
Ken, you aren't leaving the planet, We expect you to check in here from time to time. We'll miss you dearly though.

#6: Re: 2011 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams - Velociraptor For Sale Author: VelociraptorLocation: Tucson, AZ PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:33 am
Price drop.

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#7: Re: 2011 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams - Velociraptor For Sale Author: JimbolioLocation: Tucson PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 2:42 pm
Ken, when are you departing for Gatorland?

#8: Re: 2011 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams - Velociraptor For Sale Author: VelociraptorLocation: Tucson, AZ PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 7:51 pm
Hey Jim, let's get together with the AZFJ family on Aug 2nd. It would be great to say a proper goodbye to some great friends!

#9: Re: 2011 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams - Velociraptor is SOLD Author: VelociraptorLocation: Tucson, AZ PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2018 7:13 pm
The Velociraptor was sold today in Tucson to a cool guy from SoCal. If you see him up in Sedona make sure you give him a wave. Happy Trails my friends!

#10: Re: 2011 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams - Velociraptor is SOLD Author: calichaos PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 7:12 am
congrats / so sad on the sale. did you get all the nickles you were looking for?

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